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Are Your Working Relationships Working?

Valued working relationships are frequently recognised as key ingredients in both individual achievement and overall team success. But what happens when these relationships are a source of frustration not inspiration?

Consider for a moment, the anxiety caused by poor working relationships. Left unresolved, ill-feeling and conflict in the work place can leave lasting, often irreparable damage. Minor disagreements can lead to major breakdown in trust, communication and respect, while harassment or other unacceptable behaviour can have serious legal consequences and damage reputations.

Whether you are a team leader, manager or director, one of the hardest places to deal with conflict is from within, where it is difficult to remain impartial and hold a balanced perspective. Often external help in the form of an independent conflict professional is what is required.

Whether it’s individual problems between colleagues, or a group dynamic that isn’t working, London Conflict Consultants have the expertise to assess the problem and design the appropriate process for resolution.