Lambeth Mediation Service

Conflict Coaching

Do your senior managers have the skills to ensure that people and personalities are never a barrier to progress?

Conflict Coaching will be useful to individuals who:

  • are experiencing a difficult situation with another person that has led to communication being problematical
  • are avoiding difficult conversations because of the negative feelings they generate
  • are accused of being adversarial in their relationships with others
  • are suffering from stress and worry due to conflict in the workplace

Conflict Coaching can be used at any stage of the conflict lifecycle


Conflict coaching can be used to improve communication skills before a dispute has become so serious that mediation is required.


Sometimes, neither parties wants to attend mediation. In these circumstances conflict coaching may be used to encourage parties to try different strategies and resolve the difficulties themselves. Alternatively, coaching may be used to help prepare individuals for an important mediation.


After a mediation has taken place, conflict coaching can help cement the agreements made and build skills to ensure that disputes are not ongoing.