Made in Lambeth

The Lambeth community has always been at the heart of our charity, services and volunteers. Over thirty years ago, our founding members practiced mediation in response to community conflict during the 1980s Brixton Riots. They saw mediation’s potential to challenge perceptions, question assumptions and change attitudes, and founded Lambeth Mediation Service as a result.

Since then, we are proud to have collaborated with Lambeth Council, Members of Parliament, the Restorative Justice Council, the London Community Mediation Council and other local services to promote mediation as a peaceful conflict resolution strategy.

Our Founder Greta Brooks

After the Brixton Riots of the 1980s, Greta Brooks was at the heart of three reforms that transformed how dialogue was conducted between the Lambeth community and local authorities. Greta was a teacher, a doctor’s wife, a Quaker, and the Founder of Lambeth Mediation Service. She demonstrated that for good to triumph, it is only necessary for people of goodwill to do something.

Our Volunteer Community

Many of our volunteers come from Lambeth and are passionate about helping their local community. We have many mediators with professional experience as social servants, lawyers and Restorative Justice practitioners.

Our volunteers receive regular training, mediation opportunities and engagement events to develop the specialist techniques in communication, negotiation and impartiality that mediation requires.


Volunteer With Us

Are you looking to improve your conflict resolution approaches? Would you like to develop your interpersonal and professional skills? Becoming a volunteer mediator could be a fitting opportunity for you.

We are always open for new recruits. Please get in touch with us if you would like to become a mediator or are interested in our other volunteer roles.

Meet Our Mediators


Martin is one of our Founding Members. He has a lifelong professional and volunteering history in Mediation and Restorative Justice.


Deirdre has been volunteering for LMS for nearly 25 years. As an advanced Restorative Justice Practitioner, she loves to mediate.


Ricardo has been volunteering for LMS for 12 years. He is passionate about helping the Lambeth community that he is local to.


Simone is a qualified Lawyer with extensive experience resolving disputes in and out of the court room. She loves to help fellow Lambeth residents.

Get In Touch

Do you have an issue that could benefit from a mediation? Would you like to volunteer with us?

Call 020 8678 6046 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am – 4pm or email

We will respond to your request as soon as we can.

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