Do you have a problem with a neighbour that you would like to sort out peacefully? Our neighbour  mediation service is open to anyone living in Lambeth.

You can come to us directly, or if you are a tenant of the Council or a Housing Association, you can ask them to contact us for you.

What happens

Our mediators meet you privately to talk about the problems you are having. They have a similar meeting with your neighbour.

If both of you agree to meet each other,  then this is arranged.  This brings everyone together to talk through the problems and see what you both want to do about them.

The mediators will help you and guide you.  If you come to an agreement, this may be written down for you to refer to.  It is not a legal document.

Mediation is confidential

All conversations and meetings you have with us are private and what you say is not repeated to anyone else

Mediation is neutral

our mediators will not blame or judge you or your neighbour's lifestyle and they will not take sides

Mediation is voluntary

It is up to you if you want to try mediation.   Talk to us to find out if you think it could help you.  You can decide how far you want to go and you can pull out at any stage