Lambeth Mediation Service

30 years of serviceWe are a community based charity that has been helping to resolve conflict in the borough for 30 years.

We believe that mediation can be a real opportunity for challenging perceptions, questioning beliefs and changing attitude, which can help resolve even entrenched disputes.

Our major projects are community mediation, including running conflict surgeries and workplace mediation. We aim to develop further work in community dialogue, families, schools and training.

Young People

Lambeth Medition Service provides a number of services for young people.

Conflict Resolution Surgery

Conflict Surgeries are held three times a month across Lambeth Borough.

Community Mediation

Lambeth Mediation Service provides community mediation to neighbours.

Work Place Mediation

Lambeth Mediation Service provides work place mediation to resolve conflict.

Restorative Justice

Lambeth Mediation Service has worked on several restorative justice projects and hopes to continue this work in the future

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