Deirdre Leask

I have been volunteering with LMS for 23 years. I joined pregnant with my first child, thinking I might have a bit of time on my hands!  I love being part of an organisation that is so representative of the Lambeth community.  I love that LMS has never become properly commercialised, like so many charities.  I love meeting the people involved in LMS and being inspired by their commitment to conflict resolution and community.  I love the whole idea of mediation as an alternative way of dealing with conflict.  Many conflicts are addressed at huge cost, bureaucratically, to the frustration of all involved and never seem to be properly settled.  Mediation bypasses all of these.

The history of LMS is special, our volunteers such as Adeela, Martin,  Greta have made it special.  People motivated by faith or motivated simply by belief in people.  Again, LMS history is about community, not about profit, about inclusion and respect rather than winners, losers and power. 

In a world that feels increasingly divided and hate-filled, LMS becomes more important every day.  We listen to people.  We don’t judge them.  We enable people to see beyond anger and hate and understand need and how to express it.  Maybe one day, the wider world will recognise how important organisations like LMS really are.”

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