Our workplace mediation services helps to resolve disputes ranging from simple communication issues to complex and challenging concerns. We aim to complete most face-to-face mediation sessions within one day - swiftly, effectively and with the minimum amount of disruption. Where the dispute concerns more than two individuals we are able to facilitate group mediations.

By acting as an impartial facilitator, a workplace mediator can listen, question, and help to explore the options in a constructive and private process. Workplace mediation not only helps resolve conflict, it also helps to build bridges to better employee relations.

With the average time taken for an investigation being  20 days, and the potential costs of legal action run into thousands pounds,   mediation offers a faster, more empowering and cost effective method of resolving workplace or employment disputes.

Mediation is a confidential process, it can be offered to parties at any stage of the dispute and is also commonly used to reach compromise agreements between employees and employers as an alternative to a tribunal hearing